The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn

This is a novel that I’ve always seen mentioned as a great, twisty, thriller. The book has sat on my kindle shelf since 2018. I’ve started it before. And stopped.

I started it recently again because the movie released on Netflix and I wanted to read the book beforehand. Once I restarted I was reminded why I stopped it numerous times before. Up until chapter 24 it felt like the rambling thoughts of a woman. A woman who suffers PTSD and can’t leave the confines of her house.

In chapter 24 finally something happens that halts the rambling of everyday mundane events. After chapter 24 I could NOT stop reading. I was completely immersed desperately scrolling to discover the truth.

If you can make it pass the first 24 chapters the story becomes engaging. The truth slowly begins to crack and your able to piece together truths of the past.

Overall the novel was okay. I was able to unravel some of the mystery before it was revealed. The big reveal was surprising but at the same time not shocking.

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Black Sunshine – Karina Halle

Spectacular….Riveting PNR that kept me thirsty for more.
Sigh. Karina writes the best alpha male hero’s ever, simply put. I loved loved Solon and was completely captivated.
The world Karina built was magnificent. The details transported me right into the story and I never wanted to leave. Karina showed both the darkness and the romantic side to vampires. And god I want, no I NEED more!
Lenore is a strong willed human who becomes a powerful force to be reckoned with when her 21st birthday approaches and she becomes a vampire.
Solon acts as her guide and kidnapper.
The sexual tension between the two is hot!!!
And even thought there is a scene some find breaks the connection between the two I disagree. They weren’t ‘together’ during this controversial scene.
The side characters were even engaging. I need Wolfs story, I want to know how he met Solon. I want more of Amethyst she was a breath of fresh air during Lenores transition from human/witch to vampire/witch.
Karina also redeemed Lenores parents for me. I was so skeptical of them and their motives.
This novel can be considered a stand alone for some. For me though there was so much that can be revisited and dealt with. Lenore just started to tap into her potential. Solon finally has opened his heart. That big bad vampire is still lurking….I can’t wait and will keep my fingers crossed there’s more to come!!!!
5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Columbine – Dave Cullen

How do you write a review on a non fiction novel? I’ve really struggled with this question since finishing the book.

Columbine was a historic event. I didn’t live near the area when it occurred. But anyone who watched the news, attended school, or just heard of it became overwhelmed with fear.

The author does a fantastic job of describing the events leading up to April 20th. The actually shooting and the aftermath.

The meticulous planning on April 20th didn’t pan out the way Eric and Dylan hoped. Yet, Eric wanted the media to be his audience. He wanted us to fear and in that sense Eric succeeded.

The most shocking part of the novel for me, other than the events of the shooting, was that of Cassie Bernall. I remember purchasing the She Said, Yes novel when it was released. And to discover that Cassie never uttered those words…was shocking for me.

It shocked me even more that her mother knew she didn’t say the words. A girl named Val did. The events that occurred in the library were recorded through an open line to 911.

Yet the family church encouraged this false narrative. They encouraged making Cassie into a martyr.

And Val, who survived the shooting, was called a liar and dragged through the media.

This is an in-depth look at how Columbine happened. It shows how little we’ve learned. The changes school and law enforcement has made. And it reminds us that Eric and Dylan are infamous to their followers.

And….we as parents, spouses, teachers, friends NEVER really know another person 100%

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Outsider – Stephen King

I’m a huge huge King fan. He soothes my dark soul 🖤
I enjoyed almost every aspect of the novel. The first part was a solid 5 stars. The novel started to drop in star rating for me with the introduction of Holly. I loved her character, it wasn’t her character that lacked. But I felt like I was missing something, some bigger story. Then I discovered Holly is from the Mr. Mercedes series and that’s where the lacking came in. I feel for ME if I had read the Mr. Mercedes series beforehand this novel would’ve been a solid 5 stars, no doubt. But once Holly entered I couldn’t shake the feeling of the missing piece. I also had issues with how quickly the villain was dealt with in the end. All the build up and the demise of ‘it’ was so easy. Definitely excited to watch the show now & for my next King novel

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Wrong Family – Tarryn Fisher

I’m in the minority. I had highs hopes to finish 2020 with a Fisher bang! I’m a fan of Tarryn’s writing, especially her twisted thrillers.

Unfortunately I started the novel and couldn’t connect. I wasn’t immediately sucked in and the novel itself seemed to drag for pages and pages. I actually put the book down and finished three other novels before remembering to pick it back up.

For fans of domestic dramas and thrillers this is a shocking story. No doubt about that creepy, provoking, twisty, definitely keeps the reader on their feet, once you become invested. For me that wasn’t until over halfway through. Once I got to the 60ish% I couldn’t stop reading.

The story is told through the POV of Juno and Winnie.

Every character is flawed (Tarryn signature that I love).

Every character had a burden of deep secrets buried beneath their skin.

The ending came swift and rapid. It was action packed. Yet I felt like we were missing something. I kept waiting for more. Yet it never came.

Thank you Edelweiss for the ARC. I look forward to the next Tarryn Fisher novel!


Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight

Oh to be young and desperate to fit in again. It’s so exhausting the things teenagers do to feel like they’re part of the group. A book riddled with mean girls, secret clubs, cutthroat lawyers and a mystery did Amelia jump off the roof of her school?

The novel is told is two POV’s Amelia (the daughter) and Kate (the mother).

There were so many twist and turns I honestly didn’t know how this novel would end. I gave up guessing halfway through because every single student Amelia associated with could’ve been guilting.

The Maggie’s (secret club) were hateful, despicable girls. But they were teenagers. What was the reasoning the adults were just as big asshole who held grudges and couldn’t let the past die?

It was a novel filled with toxic jealous people.

The writing kept me interested. Though it took quite a few chapters for me to fill full immersed in the novel. And for readers that like things tied up nicely there are quite a few plot holes left unanswered.

Overall a quick read that kept me guessing to the end.

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lying Next To Me – Gregg Olsen

I really enjoyed the authors writing style it kept me hooked.

The story is told in multiple POV’s (4):

Adam the husband. In the first few chapters I felt sorry for him and his daughter having his wife taken while on vacation. But then he became a self absorbed douche. He was like a big teenager trying to prove a point and all he did was dig his own hole deeper (in my character assessment)

Kristen the woman obsessed with the one thing she can’t have.

Conner, Kristens husband.

Lee, Adams childhood friend and the cop investigating what happened to Sophie, Adams wife. Lee is too damn trusting in my opinion.

I disliked all the the characters, they really didn’t have an redeeming qualities, minus Lee’s partner.

I figured out pretty early on the connections between the characters. Which made some of the events that followed predictable.

Quick read. Engaging writing style.

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Layla – Colleen Hoover

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Fantastic! Spectacular! A true testament of love!

Leeds is the narrator. Leeds meets Layla and there’s an immediate spark. Layla comes onto the page of the novel like a whisper of fresh air. She’s refreshing and beautiful. She confident and sexy. She’s carefree and endearing.

Leeds is completely taken with Layla he’s never felt this ‘drugged’ sensation he feels in Layla’s presence. It’s blissful. It’s the spectacular peace you feel at the beginning of a love affair.

Then something happens that cracks that happiness. And Leeds finds himself running back to the place he met Layla desperate to rekindle the spark between them.

A vacant bed and breakfast. A spirit from another realm. What begins as curiosity will have dire consequences.

I absolutely loved the novel. Every few chapters gave the reader another answer but continued to hold your attention as you searched for more answers.

I didn’t figure out the storyline. Not being able to piece together what is happening before the big reveal is a huge bonus for me when it comes to a novel. And the completed novel without giving spoilers I was 100% satisfied maybe that’s because it was a great example and theory of the main topic (read the book) that I’ve always believed in.

And who knew the word, “I” could be so compelling?

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️